Our Solution

Every robotic solution to a real world problem needs a robot, meet ours! Fondly referred to as the "Beast from the East" (due to MIT's relative geographical location within the continental United States), she is a 6 degree of freedom industrial robot from ABB, equipped with an end-effector largely designed and constructed in-house at the MCube lab at MIT, running on a code base developed by the MIT-Princeton team.

2017 Edition of the "Beast from the East"

2016 Edition of the "Beast from the East"


Video 0 - 2017 ARC stow phase of final task.

Video 1 - Summary of the 2016 APC robotic solution.

Video 2 - Summary or the perception in the 2016 APC challenge.

Video 3 - Competition run during the 2015 APC.

More Information

The gripper

System architecture